Lake Anna Marinas

Aside from fishing, boating on Lake Anna is the number one recreational use of the lake.  Lake Anna has a selection of marinas that offer a variety of services for boat owners and residents looking to enjoy the lake.  From boat sales to boat rentals, there’s something for everyone!

Boat Sales in Lake Anna

If you are looking to purchase a new or used boat in Lake Anna there are quite a few marinas to choose from.  Just to name a few, there are:

Every day, a variety of bass boats, pontoons and speed boats can be found on the lake.  If you prefer to cruise lake and enjoy the scenery, a pontoon boat may be just what you are looking for.  If you are into water sports, a power boat may be more your style.  Or if you wish to join in one of the many bass tournaments throughout the year, one of the above mentioned marinas will be happy to sell you your dream pontoon boat!

Boat Rentals on Lake Anna

If you prefer to rent rather than own a boat, Lake Anna has numerous options for you as well.  The most popular boat rental on Lake Anna is the pontoon boat.  Many of the above mentioned marinas will rent boats in addition to selling them.  Rental time periods range from 1/2 days to weekly rentals.  If you are purchasing a second home or a vacation home in Lake Anna and do not want the maintenance and upkeep costs of your own boat, then renting a boat while you are here may be a better option!

Boat Slips at Lake Anna

Even though Lake Anna offers over 200 miles of shoreline, waterfront homes are limited.  If you are lucky enough to be purchasing a water front home in Lake Anna, you will have the ability to dock your boat at your home in your own section of lake front shoreline.  But if you are looking at off water homes and the community doesn’t offer boat slips, you may decide that you want to lease a boat slip for easy access to the water.

Most of the Lake Anna marinas will offer uncovered boat slips for your boat.  If you are looking for a covered slip, the Lake Anna Yacht Club offers the largest number of slips available and membership perks include use of the Lake Anna Yacht Club facilities and gym located in the same building as the Lake Anna Island Realty office.